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In this sacred time, let us seize the opportunity to maximize our efforts. The Ramadan Resolution Journal serves as a compass, guiding us from pre-Ramadan preparation to setting goals through Eid and beyond. It provides a platform for self-reflection, allowing us to monitor our progress and growth throughout this blessed month.

It has-

Preparation for Ramadan from Sha’ban
Ramadan Goals
Practices before Ramadan
Reflection on your last Ramadan.
Ramadan Duas
Reflection Corner
Ramadan Productivity Insights
Your well-being in Ramadan
Ramadan Action Plan
Ramadan for Muslimahs
Duas before Iftar & Tahajjud
Ramadan with Quran
Starting Your Ramadan Journey
Ramadan Daily Mirroring
To-do’s before Eid & Eid checklist
Post Ramadan To-Do’s
And many more… In sha Allah.

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