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There is no dearth of true and instructive stories in our Islamic knowledge base. On the one hand, these stories show the greatness and power of Allah, as well as impress us the plot of the story. These stories have been given a colorful form in the books of ‘ ToonToon Books’, suitable for Kachiman.
Totally divided into three levels. At Level 3, its stories are written to suit children aged 10 to 13. Children at this age can read on their own. So they will read the books themselves.
Page Type: Colorful Photo and Glossy Paper
Age: For children from 10 to 13 years
Total Books: 6
1. The Baby in the Box
2. The Murderer and the Yellow cow
3. The Ark of Nuh
4. Three Men in a Cave
5. One Son Two Mothers
6. Magic Prophet


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